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Keeping pets cool is important during a summer heat wave. This summer, the coolest canines are lounging at, Granbar Kennels, Charlotte, North Carolina’s only multi-accredited pet care facility.

Granbar Kennels, located on Orr Rd. in North Charlotte, created The Cool Canines Play Camp to keep pets cool, safe and entertained all summer long. Cool air, cool water, cool floors and cool activities abound in the kennel’s air conditioned play rooms.

“It’s too hot for dogs during this heat wave, so we’ve created a program to entertain dogs in a cool way in a safe, pleasant environment,” Peggy Giulini, owner of Granbar Kennels.

Daily cool pet activities include doggie games, learning new tricks, and one-on-one play-time with professionally trained staff at Charlotte best doggy daycare.

Doggie agility courts feature all sorts of play things for the pets, including tunnels, plastic tires, balls and soft chew toys. Play room equipment is suitable for puppies and older pets alike.

The kennel has soft couches and chairs for pet cuddle times – all part of the personal attention pets get at Granbar Kennels Canine Summer Day Camp.

“While your family enjoys a day at the beach, your dogs can enjoy a cool and relaxing pet vacation at our Summer Camp Program,” Giulini said.

The Cool Canines Play Camp is available Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pet owners can make reservations by calling 704.596.8941.

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Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, has announced three new specialty animal-care contracts for pet sitters who provide at-home care for horses, birds and fish.

Each specialty animal-care contract was designed to contain all of the pertinent information a pet-care business owner needs to provide the best care for each animal.

No horsing around.

“Horse care requires entirely different processes and procedures,” said Ellen Price, PSI’s academic manager. “And because of that, horse-sitting assignments require more in-depth knowledge about the facilities and equipment.”

PSI’s Horse-Sitting Contract includes a broad range of information from feeding and stall assignments to turnout and exercise routines.

“Horses are just so different from one to another—unlike dog or cat care,” said Darlene Ehlers, PSI’s 2006 Pet Sitter of the Year™. “The PSI Horse-Sitting Contract covers critical points of horse-care and is very thorough.”

This one is for the birds. “Ranking at number three as America’s favorite household pet, birds also require special care,” Price said.

PSI’s Bird-Sitting Contract contains information on bathing, as well as instructions for handling each bird and what to do in the event of emergencies, such as broken blood feathers.

“PSI’s Bird-Sitting Contract is excellent,” said Ginger Wolff-Anderson, PSI member and bird-care specialist. “It was very easy to use and personalize, and the tips were easy to follow and very helpful.”

These care givers rarely feel like a fish out of water.

“More than 14 million American homes have freshwater or saltwater aquariums, which adds up to 183 million pet fish,” Price said. “The care of aquarium fish requires information and instructions that are very different from the care of any other companion animal.”

PSI’s Fish-Sitting Contract covers everything from fish descriptions and feeding instructions to water chemistry, temperature, and tank care.

The contracts, each divided into four sections, cover pertinent details related to the pet owner, the owner’s residence, the animal being cared for, and a section that outlines specific terms and conditions such as fees, veterinary care, and legal considerations for terminating an assignment. The contracts also include a permission to administer medicine form, as well as a telephone reservation contract. Bird-, fish- and horse-care experts and experienced pet sitters were consulted as part of the contracts’ creation.

All three contracts are available on a CD and are compatible with Microsoft Office Word. The easy-to-use format allows for personalization and the new contracts are available through PSIStoreOnline.com.

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The Training Paws in-home dog training service is catching on in Maryland. “We offer a convenient, in home dog training service for dog owners who don’t have the time to take their dogs to obedience classes,” says Janet Oquendo, owner of the Severn, MD-based service. “We work with dogs and their owners in teaching obedience training techniques, dog manners, as well as resolving problem behaviors.”

The idea came to Janet after speaking with dog owners whose dogs had simple behavior problems; unable to resolve the problems themselves, many believe their only alternative is to surrender their dog the shelter. “Due to busy work and family schedules, attending dog obedience training classes is usually the biggest challenge for many owners. The great thing about our in-home dog training service is we can accommodate families and their schedules, in the comfort of their own home, while working on modifying their dog’s behavior.”

Janet with Claudia, one of her rescue dogs

“The biggest disservice anyone can do to their dog is to not take them to an experienced dog trainer for obedience learning,” says Oquendo. “The average dog owner, even though they love their dog and have the best of intentions, is not qualified to understand dog behavior, and is not equipped to provide the necessary training to achieve the desired results.”

“Sadly, the number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is due to common behavior problems – the same problems which can be resolved quickly with the help of an experienced dog trainer,” Oquendo said.

Oquendo currently owns four rescue dogs and has trained under some of the area’s leading dog trainers. She is aware of the limited number of positive reinforcement dog trainers available in the area, as well as the subsequent use of services offered by trainers who use highly aversive training methods that often do more harm than good. Oquendo is passionate about working one-on-one with families and their pets in order to help them understand their dog’s behavior, and modifying undesirable behavior through positive reinforcement training techniques. “I work with clients who do not know how to housebreak their dog, or their dog may demonstrate destructive behavior, or they simply cannot get their dog to stop jumping on people, it’s a simple and effective method,” she says. “We ask the dog for a particular behavior, we show the dog the desired behavior, and we reward the dog every time they get it right.” When asked the question “Why positive reinforcement?” her answer is simply “because it works!”

“When I work with a family and their dog on a particular behavior issue, and I know as a result of my help for them and their dog has saved that dog from being given up to the shelter, it proves to me that my in home dog training service invaluable to all who use it.”

For additional information on Training Paws, please call 410.299.1013 or visit the Training Paws web site.

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